Confused by 'U' (Rack Units) when looking at data cabinets? Use the following table to work out the height of a cabinet in inches, centimetres or feet based on the U height.

Please note that the height of the cabinet/rack stated here is the useable internal 'working' height of the cabinet/rack. You must take into account jacking feet or castors for the total height of a cabinet when measuring up.

If in doubt, please contact us.

Rack Unit Conversion Table

Rack Units Inches Feet Centimetres
1U 1.75" 0.15ft 4.45cm
2U 3.5" 0.29ft 8.89cm
3U 5.25" 0.44ft 13.34cm
4U 7" 0.58ft 17.78cm Buy
5U 8.75" 0.73ft 22.23cm
6U 10.5" 0.88ft 26.67cm Buy
7U 12.25" 1.02ft 31.12cm
8U 14" 1.17ft 35.56cm Buy
9U 15.75" 1.31ft 40.01cm Buy
10U 17.5" 1.46ft 44.45cm
11U 19.25" 1.6ft 48.90cm
12U 21" 1.75ft 53.34cm Buy
13U 22.75" 1.9ft 57.79cm
14U 24.5" 2.04ft 62.23cm
15U 26.25" 2.19ft 66.68cm Buy
16U 28" 2.33ft 71.12cm
17U 29.75" 2.48ft 75.57cm
18U 31.5" 2.63ft 80.01cm Buy
19U 33.25" 2.77ft 84.46cm
20U 35" 2.92ft 88.90cm
21U 36.75" 3.06ft 93.35cm Buy
22U 38.5" 3.21ft 97.79cm
23U 40.25" 3.35ft 102.24cm
24U 42" 3.5ft 106.68cm Buy
25U 43.75" 3.65ft 111.13cm
26U 45.5" 3.79ft 115.57cm
27U 47.25" 3.94ft 120.02cm Buy
28U 49" 4.08ft 124.46cm
29U 50.75" 4.23ft 128.91cm Buy
30U 52.5" 4.38ft 133.35cm
31U 54.25" 4.52ft 137.80cm
32U 56" 4.67ft 142.24cm
33U 57.75" 4.81ft 146.69cm Buy
34U 59.5" 4.96ft 151.13cm
35U 61.25" 5.1ft 155.58cm
36U 63" 5.25ft 160.02cm
37U 64.75" 5.4ft 164.47cm
38U 66.5" 5.54ft 168.91cm
39U 68.25" 5.69ft 173.36cm Buy
40U 70" 5.83ft 177.80cm
41U 71.75" 5.98ft 182.25cm
42U 73.5" 6.13ft 186.69cm Buy
43U 75.25" 6.27ft 191.14cm
44U 77" 6.42ft 195.58cm
45U 78.75" 6.56ft 200.03cm Buy
46U 80.5" 6.71ft 204.47cm
47U 82.25" 6.85ft 208.92cm Buy
48U 84" 7ft 213.36cm