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If you buy networking cable online, you may have seen the term XeLAN – but what is it? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at all things XeLAN so you can see why it’s taking the structured cabling industry by storm!

Exploring XeLAN

Firstly, let us explain exactly what XeLAN is: it’s a new brand of structured cabling products and accessories, that’s aimed exclusively at data installers. What’s better, the products come in 100% recyclable packaging. A lot of networking products come in huge amounts of plastic packaging, so it’s great to see a brand doing its bit for the environment.

Products in the XeLAN range include:

  • Bulk copper networking cable (Cat5e / Cat6 / Cat6a) with a low smoke zero halogen outer sheath. This includes external/duct grade variants and some of the products are CPR (construction products regulation) rated, making them suitable for construction projects.
  • 24 Port Patch & Keystone panels at 1U in height, making them perfect for rack-mounting.
  • Patch leads (Cat5e / Cat6 / Cat6a) in 1m – 5m lengths, with low smoke zero halogen outer sheaths.
  • Snap-in modules with shutters, single and double gang faceplates & blanks.
  • Screened toolless keystone jacks.

Who makes it?

The networking industry is just like most others, where top brands are known for their premium products. In fact, a lot of installers will only install one brand.

Do you install Excel? You’ll be pleased to know then, that XeLAN is actually made by the team behind Excel.

Many of our customers who swear by Excel have been pleasantly surprised when they have tried XeLAN and a large amount of them have completely converted.

As mentioned, XeLAN cable comes with a low smoke zero halogen outer sheath and the majority is CPR rated, making it far superior in terms of fire safety than PVC cable of a similar price – well worth a look!

Where can I buy it?

As you can see, the XeLAN range is a great end-to-end solution, but where can you buy it? From Cable Intelligence, of course!

We stock the full XeLAN range, and due to our long-standing relationship with the manufacturer, we’re able to sell these products at a better price point than other sites online.

Got Questions?

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