VESA Wall Mounts Explained

Why Wall Mount?

Wall-mounted televisions are fast becoming the most popular TV configuration in homes and businesses. It allows for an extremely tidy install, with the ability to hide all wires and cables without the need for a large TV unit or stand. This naturally reduces clutter in your home, meeting room, reception area or any other space. Displays can be mounted in this fashion by way of something called a VESA mount – a term you may have already heard.

What Is A VESA Mount?

The VESA Mounting Interface Standard (MIS) – usually just referred to as VESA mount – is a collection of standards for mounting flat-screen displays. Essentially, this means that it is a set of ‘rules’ that manufacturers agree to abide by when designing their products. Most modern televisions and computer monitors conform to this standard.

This means that if a display supports VESA mounting, a corresponding VESA mount for its dimensions will always fit it, meaning that you can wall-mount your television knowing that it will safely attach to the mount you purchase. Most VESA mounts have four screw-holes in a square formation that match up to four tapped holes on the television. There are plenty of installation guides online that show you how to actually install the mount, but in simple terms, you attach the mount to your wall, attach the bracket to your TV and then connect the bracket to the mount.

What Types Of VESA Wall Mount Are There?

At Cable Intelligence, we offer three types of VESA wall mount. These are Tilt, Low Profile and Full Motion. We’ve summarised each below:


Tilting VESA mounts essentially do what they say ‘on the tin’. This style allows you to tilt your television forwards and backwards. This is useful in a situation where you need to mount your TV higher than usual (for example, to keep it away from pets and children) and therefore need to tilt it down.

Tilt TV VESA Wall Mount Bracket

Low Profile

Low Profile VESA mounts allow you to mount a television very close to a wall, making for a neat and tidy installation. If you don’t want to see much of the mount behind the television, this is the option for you – however, this does mean you lose out on motion-based features of other styles.

Low profile VESA wall mount bracket

Full Motion

A full-motion TV mount allows for the display to be both tilted, turned and rotated. This is perfect for situations where the TV needs to go against a ‘non-flat’ surface, such as in a corner or if it needs to sit tidily out of the way, until such time when you require it to be pulled out. For example, you may want to have a television in your kitchen that pulls out over your surfaces, then ‘folds away’ when not in use.

Full Motion VESA Wall Mount TV Bracket

All in all, VESA mounts are fairly simple, having been designed to be as universal as possible. Different styles are available depending on requirements, but if you are still unsure about what to get, you can always drop us a line on 01684 299 223!

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