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In a previous blog post, we took a look at why you should clean your fibre optic connectors whether they are LC, SC, ST, FC, MPO, MTP and beyond! This time around, we’ll explore three different ways to do it.

As a quick refresher, fibre connectors can become contaminated with dust and oils, even if they’re fresh out of the package. This can cause problems with the connection and in some cases failure. So, it’s important to keep your connectors completely clean.

Pen Style

First up, is the pen style of cleaner, named that way because it's a long, thin device that tapers into a ‘nib’ at the entry point.

With this method, you open the lid of the guide cap on the cleaner and insert the ferrule into the hole. Next, the body of the device is pushed on to the adapter until you hear a click. You can repeat this process several times to fully clean the connector.


Next up is the cassette method of cleaning fibre connectors. As with the pen style of cleaning, this method uses dry cleaning. This eliminates the need to use solvents which can also cause problems if used excessively.

With the Cassette method, you reveal the strip of cleaning cloth by depressing the cover switch. Then, you can place the connector face down on the strip and run it along the opening.

Sticks / Swabs

For a slightly more basic solution, you can also use sticks/swabs. These are essentially cotton swabs, adapted for use with fibre optic cleaning to be free of any contaminants. 

Use of the sticks is fairly simple; just insert the foam end into the connector and swivel it in your fingers.

The above list is by no means exhaustive, but we hope this article gives you an idea about cleaning fibre connectors. As you can see, it's not just a case of giving them a blow or a quick wipe. In order to completely clean them, you'll need special tools.

At Cable Intelligence, we stock a wide range of fibre optic connector cleaning products to help you achieve this.

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