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  • Dual Pack 200mbps Pass Through Powerline Ethernet Adapter

The NL-HP200PTDL is compliant with HomePlug AV specification 1.1 and have a High Speed Transfer rate of up to 200 Mbps.

The Powerline Ethernet Adapters has a plug socket on the front of the adapter so that the plug socket can still be used. A minimum of two Adapters are needed and more can be added as the network grows, the NL-HP200PTDL would make the perfect Homeplug starter kit.


  • High Data rate Broadband Sharing.
  • Shared Broadband Internet Access.
  • Audio and Video Streaming and Transfer.
  • Extending the coverage of Wireless LAN’s.
  • Computer File and Application Sharing.
  • Network and Online Gaming.
  • IP based Security Cameras.

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Dual Pack 200mbps Pass Through Powerline Ethernet Adapter

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