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  • 24 Core B2ca OM3 Multimode 50/125 CST Armoured Loose Tube Fibre Optic Cable

Corrugated steel tape (CST) OM3 50/125μm armoured loose tube optical fibre cables have been designed specifically for applications requiring a high degree of mechanical protection. These compact, lightweight cables are extremely rugged, provide rodent resistance and are quick and easy to install.

The cables are constructed around a silica gel filled tube(s) containing up to 24 colour coded 250μm buffered fibres, which is covered with E‐glass strength members.


  • Duct Grade rodent resistant
  • Sequentially Metre Marked
  • 1500/ bandwidth
  • Cut to length service
  • Euroclass B2ca-s1a-d0-a1


Number of Cores: 24
Type of tube: Loose tube
Number of fibres per tube: 24
Fibre type: Multi mode 50/125
Category: OM3
Armouring: yes
Rodent resistant: yes
Outer sheath material: Copolymer, thermoplastic (LS0H)
Outer sheath colour: Blue
Reaction-to-fire class according to EN 13501-6: B2ca
Smoke development class according to EN 13501-6: s1a
Euro class flaming droplets/particles according to EN 13501-6: d0
Euro class acidity according to EN 13501-6: a1
Halogen free (acc. EN 60754-1/2): yes
Flame retardant: In accordance with EN 50399
Outer diameter approx.: 9.5 mm

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24 Core B2ca OM3 Multimode 50/125 CST Armoured Loose Tube Fibre Optic Cable

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